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Here’s Why Green Cleaning is Best for your House, and Its Occupants…

Tough on Dirt, Gentle on Your Family and the Earth!

Enviro Care Maids has embraced green house cleaning, not because it’s a fad or a movement, but because we truly believe that an environmentally friendly way to clean is better for our clients’ homes and their families. Here are some examples of why green house cleaning is better:

Fewer Toxins in the Home:

Americans have been overusing disinfectants. Recent studies link certain chemicals in cleaning products to health problems such asthma and allergies, to attention disorders, and cancer. Although we have learned that disinfectants kill microorganisms such as bacteria, which can spread disease, many people believe that disinfectants produce a “cleaner clean.” This is not necessarily true. It is actually a regular cleaner that eliminates dirt. A disinfectant should actually be used sparingly in the home, especially if your home relies on a septic system, which relies on bacteria to function properly.

One of the most common, and overused disinfectants is chlorine bleach, which contains dangerous chemical compounds that are extremely toxic. Oxygen bleach is another type of common bleach but it does not have the same disinfecting capabilities as chlorine bleach. Hydrogen peroxide is a better choice of bleach, however it must be left on for at least ten minutes to kill germs.

Reducing the use of toxic disinfectants, or eliminating them all together by choosing green disinfectants, reduces irritants that can remain on surfaces, the floor or be airborne.

Re-using and Recycling:

Using natural fiber or micro-fiber cleaning clothes not only can keep the landfills clear of toxic-laden paper towels, but they clean better too. Micro fiber cloths in particular grab, hold and trap more dust, pollen and dirt particles than paper towels or other clothes, which also reduces the amount of cleaner needed, and they hold up to many washings.

Conserving Water:

There are many benefits of using less water to clean. In the North East, we generally don’t have to worry about water shortages as much as those living in more arid climates. However conserving water, especially while cleaning the house helps reduce the damage caused by harsh chemicals rinsed down the drain. Although sewage plants treat much of this water, trace chemicals later drain into the ecosystem or return to the watershed. An added benefit of reducing your water consumption is the effect that will have on your water bill. Today there are green cleaning products that don’t need to be rinsed, just wiped. When doing the wash or running the dishwasher, using the ’water miser’ or ’eco-cycle’ setting helps reduce the amount of water used each time.

Choosing “Biodegradable”:

Many products when washed down the drain or thrown away will not decompose. When a cleaning product is termed “biodegradable” it suggests that it will decompose in nature, however it doesn’t indicate the rate or extent of decomposition. To truly help the environment, it is best to choose a product that states how long it takes to biodegrade. Using safe, natural products easily found around the house such as baking soda, lemons and vinegar are just as effective as packaged chemical cleaners.

Energy Efficiency:

While machines have made our lives easier, when looking to save electricity, often tasks performed the old fashioned way is the solution. Instead of always running the vacuum, for example, a carpet sweeper can do the trick between major cleanings. Hanging laundry out to dry on a line on a bright sunny day reduces dryer usage, which can be a major energy drain in a household.

Healthier Air:

Green cleaning methods like those employed by Enviro Care Maids removes more dust, mite, pollen, dirt and pet particles from the air than standard cleaning methods, and reduces the risk to allergy and asthma sufferers.

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