Green Cleaning is More Than a Philosophy – It’s Our Mission

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Enviro Care Maids is committed to providing services that are both green and clean. We believe it’s not enough to just use green cleaning products and call our service “environmentally-friendly.” By using cleaning techniques and products that eliminates dirt, germs and toxins, and improve the air quality we protect the safety of the families and pets within our clients’ homes. We strive to use cleaning methods that help in the goal of a sustainable earth, by recycling, using machines that waste less energy, use less water, and do not create harmful chemical waste that will be reabsorbed into the land or water.

Our mission is to provide clean, green results for our clients. Our green cleaning commitment is shared by every Enviro Care Maids employee, from our housekeepers to our office staff, and it’s a commitment our Florida clients recognize, and appreciate.

For more information about green cleaning, read “Why Go Green?”
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Enviro Care Maids Cleaning Services’ carefully screened and bonded maids use only the safest, eco-friendly, extremely effective cleaning products and methods.

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